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About Us

Honest Guys Duct Cleaning was started based on the principles of simplicity, honesty and helping customers. We believe that indoor air has a big impact on our health and our well being.
The founder of Honest Guys Duct Cleaning bought an older home and had a pretty serious dust problem. After having a duct cleaning company come out, getting carpet cleaned, and buying expensive air purifiers, he noticed the problem wasn't solved. He came to the conclusion that in order to address the problem, he had to go right to the source and incorporate some good old fashion labor and hard work. After going up in the duct work and manually cleaning them out, he was shocked to see what he found and the amount of dust and debris that was present.
The dust was being blown out of the ducts and was being breathed in by him and his family. After the ducts were cleaned, a drastic improvement was noticed and no longer was dusting a daily necessity. He wanted to help other people who were in the same situation and wanted some solutions to their dust problems. That being said, Honest Guys Duct Cleaning was born.
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